Where to Start with Couponing!

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If you’re anything like most people, the idea of cutting coupons seems overwhelming. Where do you find the coupons? How many do you need to make the job cost-effective?  In this financial climate, Tropicana Properties is here to give you the information you need about cutting coupons and getting started as quickly as possible. There are simple ways to make your coupon-cutting more efficient and to increase your savings.

Creating Time and Space

First, organize your workspace. You will need an area to store your fliers and the equipment to clip and store them. Set aside some time each day to check for new coupons. You can do this by searching coupon sites on the Internet or by grabbing those circulars from the grocery store and newspapers.

Take the time to search for items that you normally buy. Purchasing items that you wouldn’t normally use, just because you have a coupon, is not the best way to save money. Cut out every coupon or take the time to cut only specific product coupons. Either way you go, it takes time to clip those coupons. 

Essentials First

You don’t need a newspaper subscription or a huge binder to hold your coupons anymore (unless you prefer to do so). Just a smartphone, a printer, and an envelope for your first shopping trip. In the future, you might decide that a Sunday paper is something you want to get your hands on, so we’ll look at all the pros and cons another time. Before we get into coupon types, realize this part is all just for reference. Start collecting coupons by first making a list of the items that you need. If you are going to run out of toilet paper or toothpaste, add those items to the list. Then, match coupons to your items. If the brand that you prefer are not on sale, see if another brand is available for your coupon. You might also wait for store sales to use your coupons because this can increase savings, as well.

Check the Terms

Use your coupons before their limit because after that time, the coupon becomes worthless. Storing your coupons by product and then by date is the best way to avoid expired coupons and embarrassment in the checkout line.

Keep Your Coupons With You

The wonderful part about technology is downloading an app from the store you prefer to shop at, this way you can keep track of these coupons.  Or, if you prefer to go without technology, no problem, you can keep your coupons with you when you shop. Many people choose a custom binder or a file to carry their coupons. When you travel from store to store, check for manufacturer’s coupons in your file. These coupons can be used at any store rather than one particular chain. Manufacturer’s coupons can also be combined with store coupons to give you extra savings. Some stores have a policy against combining coupons, so check to make sure that you are not violating any rules.

Clipping coupons can save you lots of money; you just need to know where to start!

If you want to learn more about coupon and which apps you can download for the best possible outcome, I found this website to be the most helpful:


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