At Tropicana Companies we are deeply committed to affordable housing in El Paso. We have been building affordable single family houses for 72 years and building and managing affordable multi-family housing since 1990. Since 1998, we have also provided mortgage loans and other assistance to our customers who are first-time homebuyers to aid in the homebuying process.

In 2017, we combined the missions of these companies to establish our Homebuyer Counseling program which is offered free to all residents and guests at each of our 39 apartment complexes. Our motto “Let Tropicana Properties put you in a Tropicana Home” has become
the benchmark initiative across all Tropicana Companies to help families achieve their dreams of homeownership.

We are incredibly proud of this program. Since its inception, we have assisted over 400 families move from government subsidized housing to owning their own home. This is an enormous benefit, not only to those families who are able to then move from a wait list into one of our affordable apartments and then to achieving the American Dream, but to El Paso as a whole. Indeed, when our residents work their way from government subsidized housing into home ownership, everyone benefits.

As future generations of El Pasoans continue to look for housing opportunities, Tropicana’s “incubation program” will play a big part. The coupling of apartment tenancy and eventual homeownership is a true success story; it’s an American Dream realized every time keys are
handed over to one of the families that worked their way from a low-income apartment.


  • No lease early release fees
  • Credit repair assistance*
  • One-on-one guidance through the Homebuying process including information on available Zero-Down Payment assistance programs
  • No closing costs
  • Move-in ready homes or choice of various floorplans with color selections

*Restrictions apply

Ms. Campa

  • Canutillo Palms Resident for
    2 Years
  • Attended workshop mid-2017
  • Closed on Home in West El Paso July 2018

[Tropicana] looked at my situation and helped me understand what I need to do to, what I need to pay off to be able to qualify.

Ms. Campa

Mendoza Family

  • Residents at Burgundy Palms for 1 year
  • Attended workshop in early 2018 and closed on Home in  April 2018

We had been living at the Tropicana Properties apartments, however, we had always wanted to have a home of our own. The manager of the apartments urged us to attend a first-time homebuyer seminar and to learn about the programs they provide to assist tenants in the homebuying process. When we attended, Tropicana helped us along the way – and honestly, they helped us greatly throughout the process to acquire our home after years of us not being able to do it.

Mendoza Family

Mr Garcia

  • Presidio Palms resident for 6 years
  • Attended Workshop in June of 2018
  • Closed on Home in Socorro, TX,  September 2018

My name is Mr. Garcia, I was living in Presidio Palms for some time when I got a notice about a first-time homebuyer seminar from the Property Manager. I decided to attend, I spoke with a few people from Tropicana and that’s how it all happened. Within a few months I was in my home. I would recommend Tropicana both for the experience of living at the apartments and the programs they provide to residents.


Mr. Garcia


The Serrano Family Lived at Montana Vista Palms for one year. They purchased their home in Far East El Paso in September 2021, where the family of four lives today with their pet cat.


The Rojas Family Lived at Cooperstown Palms and found themselves on the verge of eviction. Today, after attending the Homebuyer Workshops offered at Tropicana Properties, they own their own home.

Although this may be an overlooked task, I feel that I must bring to your attention the outstanding service that I received from the employees and staff of Tropicana Homes, Patriot Mortgage, and Tropicana Properties. I am, of course, very delighted to have had the pleasure of working with Sergio Gamboa, Norma Flores, and Sylvia Sandoval throughout my time moving through the steps that it took me to purchase my new home. Their professional and courteous attitude, expert knowledge, and patience in handling my specific issues were very important to my complete customer satisfaction.

My first dealings with your company came at a time when I was at a low place in my life. Having just been medically discharged from the Army, I was trying to survive with a low wage job, a growing family, and stressed about where we would live. Thankfully I was able to move into a low income assistance apartment through Tropicana Properties. It was here were I spent almost three years building myself up again. While living in the Tropicana Properties, I was able to work my full time job, attend school part-time, repair my credit and build up my credit score, and begin to save money towards the purchase of our new home. With your company’s help, I was able to thoroughly enjoy and found the home purchasing process very easy. The Tropicana family of businesses allowed the process to be one less concern for me and I am deeply appreciative of all their assistance and support.

I know that Tropicana Homes is renowned in El Paso for the multiple Builder of the Year awards it has received as well as the customer service it provides, and I feel like all of the staff that walked me through the process treated my affairs with the utmost importance. The employees and staff handled my issues as if they were their own, and I am completely satisfied. I have given many of the tenants from the apartment community where I lived the recommendation to purchase a home through Tropicana and advised that they WILL NOT be disappointed.

Raul E. Rojas
First Time Homebuyer



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