June Food Pantry – Patriot Palms

July 31, 2020

Priding itself on its community outreach and engagement, Tropicana Properties once again partnered with a local community organization to assist some of their most vulnerable tenants who have felt the strain of the pandemic more than others.  Having worked with local organizations in the past like the El Pasoans fighting Hunger Foodbank to provide meal assistance to Tropicana Properties residents in need, Tropicana Properties recently partnered with Borderland Rainbow Center, a local nonprofit that works to assist the LGBTQ community in El Paso, who also assist the elderly and disabled as well as those suffering hardship around the community.

Working hand in hand with volunteers from Borderland Rainbow Center, Tropicana social services department helped to distribute meal boxes to some of our more vulnerable families on July 27, 2020. Together Tropicana and Borderland were able to help hand out pre-prepped meal boxes to families at our Northeast Property Patriot Palms.

The message of the day was hope as both Tropicana and Border Rainbow Center distributed almost these family meal boxes.

“We don’t want people to choose between eating or taking their medication, we don’t want people to choose between eating or paying their bills. We are here to empower, and we are here to help people grow. Anything we can to do to rise above, we are going to do. We are here for everybody”, said Brenda Risch, Ph. D., LMSW, founder and executive director of El Paso Rainbow Center.  Tropicana hopes that this is the first of many opportunities to work with and in conjunction with Border Rainbow Center as well as any other community outreach or organization who’s goal is to assist the elderly and disabled tenants throughout the community.

If you are interested in receiving assistance or volunteering with Borderland Rainbow Center, you may contact them through their website at https://www.borderlandrainbow.org.


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