Free Online Zumba Classes in April


Stay fit with practicing Social Distancing! We will be offering FREE ZUMBA CLASSES, Online, via Zoom at the following properties:

Alameda Palms Townhomes
Americas Palms
Burgundy Palms
Canutillo Palms
Capistrano Palms
Castner Palms
Deer Palms
Dyer Palms
Homestead Palms
Horizon Palms Apartments
Mission Palms – San Elizario
North Desert Palms
Paseo Palms
Tropicana Properties: Patriot Palms
Presidio Palms
San Elizario Palms
Socorro Palms
Tres Palmas
Vinton Palms Townhomes
Verde Palms


Please download ZOOM or message either Vanessa or Cynthia for details. This offer is only available to current tenants.

Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes Prevention

About our Social Services: Social Services are services that will empower our residents to become self-reliant, responsible, confident, and...