Small Acts of Kindness

September 1, 2020

(El Paso, Texas – September 2, 2020) Residents at Patriot Palms, a Tropicana Property located in the sprawling North East are of El Paso, Texas, are helping one another during this challenging time. Many residents are bringing food in to replenish boxes of food that were donated to Patriot Palms from the El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Foodbank. When asked why tenants feel the need to participate in this generous, charitable act, property manager Brianda Luna responded, “People want to help each other. They see that some of their neighbors might be struggling to make ends meet and they want to help. It makes them feel good and it makes me happy to see this community living in harmony”.

If you are a tenant at Patriot Palms and you feel like giving non-perishable food to your community, you may do so by visiting the leasing office. If you need some food, you may also visit the leasing office to collect what you need.


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