Daily Dispatch


Bug Name Description Status
Toggle Button Breaks LF's When using the first toggle button in an account it removes the LF's in other months. Work In Progress
Waive Action Waive action is increasing the amount of LF's after waiving a portion of the balance. Work In Progress
Three Palms- Late Fees Late Fees are getting charged prior to move in date. Work In Progress
Discretionary Bonus There are files that are getting approved by the regional manager and not appearing in the discretionary bonus sheet. Work in Progress


Bug Name Description Status
Lease 19318 Charging LFs that are not selected on lease. Completed
HUD Unit Voucher Portions HUD Unit still not creating charges based on voucher portion Completed 8/31
Pet Monthly Charges Added the pet monthly fee for leases in Three Palms that did not have the charge listed on the lease at move in. Completed


Bug Name Description Status
Fixed Change in AMFI Amendment The change in AMFI amendment now works and changes the last QWS tied to the household to the new AMFI % selected. Completed
Discretionary Bonus report The Discretionary bonus sheet range excluded files approved on Sundays. Completed
Move-out Monitor Actions The "Submit for Corrections" action button in the move out monitor was not working. Completed
Lease Transfer Process Improved rules for transferring leases based on Project type. Completed
(Market and Mixed Projects) AEC should correctly carry over to latest transfer lease. Completed
Lease Transfer Process Edit button should work more consistently for transfer leases. Completed


Task Description Status
Actions (Buttons) across all monitors (Originally reported on the Move-out Monitor) will keep your filter selection. Any selected property, date range or page will be kept and only the table contents will refresh. Completed
Traffic Log Module Is now accessible to all roles. Completed
New Lead Removed minimum character limit for First and Last name. Completed
Amendments Should never be effective before the lease start date. Completed


Item Description Status
Reversed payments from Innago import into PMA
    • If a payment from Innago is already imported to PMA and it is 'Reversed', it will be bounced on PMA and generate an NSF charge.
    • If no payment exists on PMA and we import a 'Reversed' payment from Innago, a new payment on PMA will be created as bounced and generate an NSF charge.
Accounts created on Innago All leases created on Innago should be created with a due date for rent of the 3rd.

What is Tropify?

Tropicana Properties prides itself on providing excellence from the inside out. This includes breaking the mold to go beyond industry expectations and creating its own Property Management System; Tropify. Our software is custom-created to aid us in providing excellence.

What if I encounter a Correction?
Your primary point of contact is Carlos Torres. However, before you reach out, remember to:

  • Confirm Security Deposit Payment
  • Review Charge Details
  • Check Payment Details

Sometimes, even if the problem isn’t showing for the same month, it may be a carried balance.


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