Congratulations to Viviana Garcia, $1k Winner of Color My World Contest


Congratulations to Viviana Garcia, resident at Vinton Palms. Viviana takes home the grand prize of $1,000 and a gift card to a local restaurant worth $75. She was a first place winner in our “Color My World” chalk contest that was conducted in early May 2020. All first place winners’ names were placed into a website that randomly selects a grand prize winner. Viviana was the lucky recipient of the grand prize. “This is great. I am going to use some of the money for Father’s Day,” she said when we asked her how she was going to use her money.

Tropicana Properties is constantly thinking of the well-being of their tenants. The “Color My World” Contest was created to give families something fun and positive that they can do from the comfort of their homes during social distancing. It was also created to help local restaurants in the community.

Since this contest was such a big hit, Tropicana Properties is getting ready to kick-off another fun contest, at the end of May 2020, geared for all of the artists in all of their properties. This time, they are partnering with the Census Bureau in hopes of getting everybody to fill out their Census forms. The new contest is called “What Counts to You?”. The idea is that everybody needs to be counted and by drawing what matters and inspires people, they can also make sure that they are counted in the 2020 Census. This will also give more people the opportunity to win cash prizes and gift cards to tasty, local restaurants.

Here is a photo of Vivian’s artwork.


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