Be Counted Chalk Contest

June 8, 2020

A huge congratulations goes out to Lisa Venegas, resident at Three Palms. She was one of our many tenants who participated in last week’s “Be Counted” Chalk Contest hosted at all our properties. The purpose of the “Be Counted” Chalk Contest was to bring positivity and solidarity to the various communities while doing something fun and interactive, keeping social distancing guidelines.  In addition to cash prizes, winners will receive various gift cards to local restaurants and goodies from the Census Bureau.

(Lisa Venegas winning submission)


The contest was judged by city leaders and elected officials:

Dee Margo – El Paso Mayor

Susan Goodell  CEO of El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Foodbank

Mary Gonzalez – District 75 State representative

Peter Svarzbein – District 1 City Representative

Alexsanda Annello – District 2 City Representative


All of the other winners are listed below:


Region 1

1st Place Verde Palms – Michelle Estrada

2nd Place Verde Palms – Michelle Benzz

3rd Place Verde Palms – Georgi Kath Alvarez


Region 2

1st Place Homestead Palms – Rocio Flores

2nd Place Homestead Palms – Valerie Contreras

3rd Place Presidio Palms – Iridian Castaneda


Region 3

1st Place Capistrano Palms – Carolina Figueroa

2nd Place Socorro Palms – Louie Zamorano

3rd Place Socorro Palms – Chancey Lara


Region 4

1st Place Tres Palmas – Lisa Venegas

2nd Place River Palms – Alicia Gutierrez

3rd Place Three Palms – Jesus Garcia


Region 5

1st Place Canutillo Palms – Rosalinda Marquez

2nd Place South Cooperstown Palms – Liliana Cano Ambriz

3rd Place Dyer Palms – Daejah Jones


Consolation Winners


Burgundy Palms – Laura Serrano

Capistrano Palms – Sonia Correa

Castner Palms – Ms Harper

Homestead Palms – Blanca Martinez

Paseo Palms – Nallely Terrazas

Presidio Palms – Berenice Madrid

Presidio Palms – Cristina Alvarez

Presidio Palms – Cristina Garza

Presidio Palms – Erica Almanzar

Presidio Palms – Estefani Hernandez

Presidio Palms – Marisol Rodriguez

Presidio Palms – Norma Beanes

Presidio Palms – Tony Moralez

River Palms – Amanda Perez

River Palms – Hiram Sanchez

Tres Palmas – Magzary Marquez

Tropicana Palms – Mitzy Corral

Verde Palms – Araceli Haro

Verde Palms – Cynthia Pacheco


To view the winning submissions, please visit this link:


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